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The HealthAxis Care Management Portal enables users to manage patient cases, identify conditions, and build rules against claims. The portal is designed to support utilization management functions, claim management processes, case management workflows and care management plans.
With unique customizations, multiple user roles and access to various templates, our Care Management Portal offers all the benefits and support you need to manage your members effectively.
HealthAxis Care Management Portal
HealthAxis Care Management Portal


  • 24/7 secure access
  • Access to online, real-time information
  • Ability to create notes and reminders
  • Access to Case and Member Assessment Templates
  • Easy to navigate user interface, including search functionality


Member Management Functions:
  • Search Member by name
  • View Claims for each Member
  • Add Member Notes
  • View and edit Member Assessments
  • Access and customize Member Assessment Templates
Case Management Processes:
  • Search and view Cases per Member
  • Access and edit Case Details
  • View and update Case Assessments
  • Access and customize Case Assessment Templates
  • View, add and update Case Care Plans (including case problems, case interventions, and case goals)
  • Add Case Notes, Reminders, Logs and Letters
Administration Options:
  • Add and edit Users and Permissions/Roles
  • Access Admin Logs
  • Add/View Risk Levels through the Admin Panel


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HealthAxis Care Management Portal